SABYDOMA’s main objective is to develop a new methodology to address the Safety by Design (SbD) challenge as a Control System Problem. Its technological solution is coupling screening to design, i.e. the screening at the point of production feeds back to modify the design of nanomaterials. SABYDOMA will use system control and optimisation theory including the Model Predictive Control (MPC) philosophy, binding SbD from laboratory innovation to the industrial production line and from decision making processes to project governance.

SABYDOMA project has received funding from the European Union’s HORIZON 2020 Research & Innovation Programme under grant agreement nº 862296. More information at:



    ASCOT is a toolbox for the digital construction of energy minimized Ag, CuO and TiO2-cored nanoparticles and the calculation of their atomistic descriptors.

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  • SafeNanoScope: Ag-TiO2-CuO safety assessment powered by Enalos SABYDOMA Cloud Platform

    This web-application hosts a random forest model for the prediction of the adverse effects class (against HepaRG cell line) of Ag, TiO2 and CuO nanoparticles (NPs) based on their properties in atomistic level.

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  • SABYDOMA SbD evaluation tool

    This application serves as a model for systematically evaluating the maturity of safety integration across the continuum of TRL stages.

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